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Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions constitute an agreement of terms of business between 'Crucial Music', including all subsidiary websites within the 'Crucial Music Website Group' and any person, party or company which participates in, enters into or by any other means seeks or acquires any of the products or services offered by 'Crucial Music' or it's associate websites.

Seeking to or acquiring any product or services as offered by 'Crucial Music' or its associated websites implies that the party, company or representative of a company has both read and agrees with the terms and conditions as laid out in this web page.

Associate websites may add to or amend these terms to facilitate the provision of products & services as offered by that website. Such amendments if in place will be accessible to all visitors from each associate website.

Nothing in these terms & conditions shall effect statutory rights as laid out within the laws of the England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

All and any disputes of these terms and conditions will only be adjudicated within the bounds of the laws of the England, Wales and Northern Ireland..

Access to these terms & conditions is made available from every home page within all Crucial Music associated websites.This page is also made available on every page of this website. In addition every client is asked to tick a box to indicate that they have read and accept these terms and conditions prior to confirming every order.  It is therefore assumed that every visitor to these websites has read, understands and agrees to these terms & conditions. Ignorance of or failure to read these terms & conditions will not be considered as a reasonable excuse for failing to comply with that which is laid out within these terms & condition. If you have any queries or require help with these terms and conditions then please use or Contact Us form.

Any and all communications, decisions, amendments or extensions to this agreement between The Company and The Client will only be accepted if in one of the following formats:

  1. E-Mail (via the Contact Us form of this web site) or in the case of The Company via any e-mail address belonging to the same domain as The Website. (crudial-music.co.uk)
  2. Letter: Signed by both a representative of The Company and The Client.

As and when these terms and conditions change all clients will be notified of such changes via the e-mail address they used to register their account prior to purchase of items fom this web site.

Definition of Terms:

The Company is to be read as 'Crucial Music'

The Client: person, party or company which participates in, enters into or by any other means seeks or acquires any of the products or services offered by 'Crucial Music' or it's associate websites.

The Web Site: The web site located on the registered domain crucial-music.co.uk.

Terms of Business:

  1. No item will be dispatched, shipped or in any other way processed until such time as The Company is in receipt of cleard funds equal to the ammount of the order that is raised in respect of any purchases made by The Client via the The Web Site.
  2. The Company agrees to dispatch any order that is recived in compliance with (1) of these terms within 24 hours of receipt of that order during the stated business hours of The Company.
  3. The Client is liable for all costs as identified by an order related to the shipping of an order to the address as given by The Client at the time of order.
  4. The Company agrees that such costs as identified as 'shipping costs' will be fixed as identfied by The Web Site to The Client at the time of order.
  5. All delivery times shown are those as supplied by third party companies used by The Company. The Company will not be help liable for any delays caused by such third parties.


Compliance to Distance Selling Regulations (2000)

In compliance with the Distance Selling Regulation 2000 we operate the following policies.

The following only apply to CD's and DVD's that are returned in their original UNOPEND packaging.

  1. You have a 'cooling off' period of 7 days in which to cancel your order without reason.
  2. Notification of cancelation of order must be made in either writing or via e-mail, details of both can be found on our Contact Us page.
  3. The seven day period as mentioned in (1) starts from the date you receive the goods.
  4. If you cancel your order within the cooling off period you are liable for all costs in returning the  item to Crucial Music.
  5. On receipt of the returned goods and suibject to the condidtion of any returned goods Crucial Music will make a full refund to you within 30 days of the date we receive the item.

Returns Policy:

  1. The Client must first contact The Company to discuss and verify that an intended return of goods complies to this returns policy.
  2. The Company will accept returned goods and issue a full refund (excluding any postage or shipping costs) subject to:
    • The goods are returned subject to our Distance Selling Compliance (above)
    • The goods have a manufacturing fault.
    • The goods are not as described on The Web Site at the time and date of order.
  3. Any item that is subject to copyright such as, but not limited to: Music CD's / DVD's; Video CD's/DVD's will only be accepted if the item is returned with its original sealed wrapping un opened as a guarantee that no copyright infringement has taken place while in the clients possession.

  4. If it is found that an item is returned damaged due to improper packaging by the client then The Company reserves the right to deduct an ammount that is reasonable from any refund to cover such damage.
  5. Any refund will be made via the same payment method that was used by The Client for the original order.
  6. In compliance to (1,2,3,4) above The Company will pay The Client any ammount due within thirty days of receipt of the returned items.